Steps For Today® provides techniques for streamlining household, life, data and time management. With this in mind, we extend this knowledge to help people prepare for the challenges facing them, and their loved ones, during the many stages of life. 

Now what do I do?

Who do I call for this?
Where are those records?
What is net worth?
How do I make a budget for my household?
When did I last get a tetanus shot?
What was the name of that company?
Why did I decide to make those changes?
Where do I begin?……..

These are everyday questions. Most days we have time and help to figure them out. But in life’s most challenging days, we may be on our own to provide answers when time is critical.

Steps For Today® can provide strategies for organizing and managing household data, properties, finances, and life in general.


Steps For Today® began with one simple thought. How can we share the lessons learned from our most difficult seasons of life. Starting with just a few blog posts in 2017, and now our first book First Steps For Success, we continue the idea to help others prepare for life’s challenges.



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