Embraced Living

Steps For Today: Embraced Living

Introducing the second book in the Steps For Today® series: Embraced Living.

Embraced Living focuses on the stages in life when we are confronted with the frailties of life: Embraced Living, Dying, Closing, and Living On. Its purpose is to provide answers, strategies, expectations, and first steps towards reexamining goals and plans. It is intended to prompt readers and their families into meaningful discussions about creating the best possible future for all.


In this book, Mitch Barbey explains ideas and tools for planning for the best life possible as we, and those we care for, move through the different seasons of life. You will learn methods for:

  • Preparing your home and life to meet the challenges of aging
  • Finding assistance with household chores
  • Remaining living independently for as long as possible
  • Living after loss
  • Reducing the financial risks associated with aging and dying
  • Starting family conversations about these difficult topics
  • Building a lasting family legacy

Who should get this book?

  • Those who are looking for thoughts and guidance on aging.
  • Those entering mid-life and expecting to help parents organize and manage their homes
  • Aging parents who wish to engage their adult children for assistance
  • Adult children looking for ways to engage their parents to help them as they age
  • Those dealing with loss or grief of a loved-one
  • Those looking to plan their best possible life
  • Anyone who wishes to lessen the chaos and anxiety of life!

Plan on embracing life.
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