First Steps For Success

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Steps For Today: First Steps For Success

Introducing the first book in the Steps For Today® series: First Steps For Success.

Through a series of guided steps, let First Steps For Success lead you on a journey to organizing your home and life. With each completed step, you will learn that ‘staying on top things’ isn’t nearly as difficult as you may have once believed. And that having confidence in your ability to conquer the chaos, will free up a lot of emotional energy once spent on worrying about the ‘what-ifs’ that life can throw your way.


In this book, Mitch Barbey explains why each step is important and how it can improve your life. You will learn methods for:

  • Preparing for a medical emergency
  • Managing family medical information
  • Staying on top of household finances, tasks and information
  • Understanding budgets, net worth, and their importance to your future
  • Reducing the financial risks created by life-events
  • Building a lasting family legacy

Who should get this book?

  • Those who are serious about lessening the impact an accident or infirmity presents to their home and family
  • Those entering mid-life and expecting to help parents organize and manage their homes
  • Parents who wish to give their children a guide for adult life
  • The newly married who are building their life-goals together
  • First-time home-buyers who are familiarizing themselves with what it takes to own and maintain a home
  • Anyone who wishes to lessen the chaos and anxiety of life!

Start your journey to take control of your life.
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