Take a Minute to Reflect

Our everyday lives are whirlwinds of activity. For years it seemed like there was little time to sleep in-between the daily onslaught of getting up, getting ready, getting the family ready, getting bills paid, getting to work, getting home, getting dinner ready, getting shopping done, getting homework done, getting everyone in bed, and finally trying to get some sleep. 

That’s a lot of getting. Let’s try a little taking. Every day should have a few minutes to take some time to reflect and refocus.

Every household, and life, is different. Maybe mornings are just too crazy to set aside 10 or 15 minutes. Maybe it’s lunchtime when you have a little quiet time. Or perhaps it’s after everyone has gone off to bed before you can take a breather. Whenever it is, instead of looking for a digital escape, look for an internal escape. An escape from the demands of the world, to a place of peace and quiet. A place to reflect on what has happened and what you’d like to happen in your life. And just like reflections in water, the calmer the environment, the clearer the reflection.

There aren’t many steps to this process. It doesn’t have to be a long process which starts with burning incense and deep breathing exercises, although there’s nothing wrong with that if it works for you. But it does require that you turn off the daily distractions and try to focus on nothing for a bit. You’ll be amazed at how many things will pop into the forefront of your mind that typically get buried under the daily deluge of data. That’s why I recommend keeping a pen and paper handy to capture your thoughts before they escape again. The only stipulation I put on this time is that you purposefully start with reflection on positive events and accomplishments. It starts the process in the right direction.

If you want to capture your thoughts, keep track of your progress, and plan for the future, follow-up your reflection time with a few minutes reviewing your ‘Todays Expectations Worksheet’ available for free at the store on the www.StepsForToday.com website.

Thanks again for reading.
And remember to take the next step…


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