Steps to Prevent, and Fight, the Flu

With all the talk about the spread of the new coronavirus flu, why not take a minute to prepare for it, and all the other strains of cold and flu, that are making the circuit this season.

First a little information about our adversary. A coronaviruses is an very common type of virus which causes colds, flus, and other upper respiratory infections. This particular strain, named 2019-nCoV, is new; and therefore no antivirus medication has yet been developed. Time will tell if it is any more deadly than previous strains of the flu; all of which, we want to avoid. That is why health officials always recommend getting the flu shot. These only cover specific strains of the flu. But the strains chosen for the inoculation are usually those that are deemed to be the most likely to be encountered during the current flu season. These have worked wonders. In addition to receiving the shot, however, there are things we can do to prepare our homes for the flu season.

Here are some steps you can take today to fight the flu:

Proactive measures
Get a flu shot
– Wash hands frequently and properly
– Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
– Clean and disinfect your environment frequently
– Avoid close contact with people who are sick
– Keep alcohol-based hand rubs, and disposable wipes nearby and use them often

Give your immune system a fighting chance
– Get a flu shot
– Eat properly. Including fruits and vegetables
– Drink lots of fluids
– Get plenty of sleep
– Get some protein in every meal
– Stay away from sugar and processed flour
– Eat some probiotics
– Get some exercise every day to move white blood cells throughout your body
– Take a contrast shower
– Make sure to get some sunlight to boost Vitamin D

What to do if you have the flu
– Get a diagnosis. Early detection and treatment can dramatically reduce its severity
– Stay home
– Make sure someone knows you’re sick and will check on you
– Ask for help if you need it
– Get plenty of rest
– Drink fluids
– Medicate your cough
– Keep the humidity up in your environment
– Don’t shy away from the saline nose sprays. They’ll work to relieve congestion.

What are some of the ways you prepare your household for the flu season?

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