Winter Projects

It’s wintertime. In the midwest, outdoor projects are often on hold till warmer weather. What a great opportunity you now have to focus on indoor projects.

We all have them. Those annoying little things we’d like to get done. They sit and wait, occasionally imparting a guilty feeling, until some of them can no longer be ignored. So why put them off until their necessity forces itself into your schedule; which might occur on the most beautiful weekend of the year. Taking time now to organize your home, do some painting, or update a room, will only free-up more time to enjoy the outdoors when warmer weather arrives. If your like most of us, the problem can be deciding what to do first.

Here are a few steps to help you get started today:

– Set aside some time to think about your indoor projects

– Get something on which to take notes and take a walk through your home, listing things you’d like to accomplish

– Prioritize the list with the help of your household decision makers

You now have a place to start. Pick out an indoor project for which you have the time and resources and put a start date on your calendar. If the project you’d like to start first seems a bit too large, you may want to pick a smaller one. My next post will focus on planning for larger projects. It may be best to start with a small project anyway. Once you get the first one done, you’ll probably get excited about the next.

One last thing. I recommend telling your friends and or family about the project. The benefits for doing so include any suggestions they may have, and knowing they will ask you about its status will help to ensure you’ll get it done.


Thanks for reading,
And remember to take the next step…

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