It’s in the Garage Somewhere

It’s springtime. Time to clean out the garage of its winter accumulation of clutter. You know, all those things that needed a place to rest, but it was too cold to spend any time out there making a home for them. Things like the new power tool you got for Christmas or the leftover sidewalk salt and shovels that you hopefully won’t need again till next winter. But, if you’re like me, it’s also time to take a long look at some of the things that you’ve been keeping just in case you ‘might need it someday’. There can be so much to do, it just may seem easier to shut the door and wait for a warmer day. But won’t it be better to be doing something fun on that warmer day? Might as well get started. But where?

To get started, I usually pick one area and work through it first. I typically put away the winter toys and tools first. Getting the winter toys back into the attic clears up a lot of space quickly. I know I can rotate the tools to the back of the tool rack, and rotate out the gardening tools. It just makes it that much easier when I need a shovel, saw, or trimmers.  It’s also a good time to look for any old tools that you just haven’t used in a while and their taking up space. Likewise goes for when you’re putting away the driveway salt and ice scrapers. Maybe there’s not enough salt to keep over the summer, or the scraper is worn out and should be replaced.

After that’s finished, I like to work on cleaning up a section at a time. Maybe the workbench first and then move on to the shelves and cabinets. The point is that the small successes of each area tend to inspire me to keep working. I’ll eventually get around to all the smaller, nuts and bolts and things, which can take a lot of time to get to their proper location.

Cleaning up the garage is rarely a one-day project. It’s usually broken down into several steps and executed in between my other projects. I just know I get a real feeling of accomplishment when everything is back ‘where it should be’.

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