Life Transitions

In Greek mythology, Oedipus, the king of Thebes, is asked to solve the following riddle:

“What creature walks on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening, yet has only one voice?” The answer, of course, is us.

In his book ‘Transitions‘, William Bridges uses this fable to illustrate two of life’s major transitions. The first is from dependency to separateness and independence, or “learning to walk on your own two feet.” And the second transition, which comes later in life, when we must often learn to live with assistance.

These are two of life’s major transitions. They are rarely simple and often difficult and confusing. They’re also topics we rarely discuss with the directness and intensity with which I believe we should. Learning to live independently, setting up and running a household, and getting a good footing in life involves crucial skills which are often overlooked in formal education. Furthermore, aging and living with assistance is almost a taboo topic in our society. It only discussed when it becomes absolutely necessary; already past the point at which long-term planning should have begun.

In both transitions, a little upfront knowledge and guidance could greatly reduce unnecessary anxiety and expense. With this in mind, I wrote First Steps for Success and Embraced Living. 

First Steps is just that, it covers the first things to learn, and what to expect regarding:

  • Organizing the home and household information
  • Risk management and types of insurance
  • Budgeting and finance
  • Assets and net-worth
  • Wills and estate planning
  • Advance medical directives
  • Planning for retirement

Embraced Living delves deeper into those years in which we begin to need assistance to get the most out of life. This book covers background information, definitions, and expectations for:

  • Planning for aging and infirmity
  • Learning to graciously accept care and support from others
  • Household assistance
  • Types of caregiver services
  • Independent living, Residential Care and Assisted Living facilities
  • Government agencies and services
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Continuity Planning
  • Death
  • Tasks associated with death
  • Grief of loss
  • Living on after loss

Written in a straight-forward manner, with available downloadable documents, these books help with setting expectations and making plans to live the best possible life for years to come.

Now available on Amazon at:

First Steps For Success

Embraced Living

I ask that you share this post with friends, because you never know who is ready to take these next steps towards managing and planning life and is looking for a little guidance and help.

Thanks again for reading.

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