What a Mess

The Holidays are stuffed full of things to do. There are parties to go to, parties to host, visiting friends and relatives, trips to be taken, and extraordinary fun to be had. Of course, this usually leads to an extraordinary mess to clean up. But it’s the beginning of the year. Time for those New Year’s Re-solutions. So why not take a minute to rethink your house cleaning routine.

My mother was a master at multitasking. Whatever else she was doing, it seemed like she was cleaning as well. I swear she always towel in her hand, or close by. In addition to this, she had a schedule for cleaning everything in the home; from light fixtures to floors and everything in between. I know she had a list somewhere of everything to do, and when it should be done. Sometimes I would notice an upcoming activity written on her calendar. Why not do the same and incorporate the list into a calendar based worklist. Using either a paper or electronic calendar will help keep tasks from being forgotten. In 15 minutes you can have a list of house cleaning activities that can be shared with the family.

Below is a starter checklist list of household tasks. Of course, items which experience daily use, such as countertops, stovetops, and dining tables, should be cleaned as used. If listed below, this is the ‘extra’ detailed cleaning. To download a free copy of the Home Cleaning checklist, visit our store at https://www.stepsfortoday.com/product/home-cleaning-checklist/ and store. This list, already placed on an electronic calendar file SFT.Home.Cleaning.ical.zip, is available there as well .  It can be changed to suit individual needs after it’s downloaded and imported into your calendar of choice. Here’s what’s on the list:

– Light fixtures & globes
– Ceiling Fans
– Windows
– Doorknobs, Door and window trim
– Tables & Chairs
– Couches & Chairs
– Nooks, corners, & crannies
– Baseboards & furnace vents
Curtain cleaning
– Vacuum Floors

– Sink & fixtures
– Mirrors
– Toilet
– Shower & tub
– Walls

– Cabinet exteriors
– Cabinet interiors
– Table and chairs
– Appliance exteriors
– Refrigerator interior
– Tile & countertops
– Stove top
– Oven interior
– Microwave oven interior
– Sink & fixtures
– Trash cans
– Walls
– Floors

But this is just a starter list. I’m sure I’ve missed a thing or two. What are some of the task you would add? Some final suggested steps; add dates, assign responsibility, and periodically discuss expectations. Depending on which electronic calendar is used, you may even be able to send automated reminders of assigned tasks. This will not only help keep schedule, it will probably give everyone involved a sense of self-empowerment to complete assignments and contribute to the household.

As always, thanks for reading.
And remember to take the next step…


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