Items Mentioned In Posts

Many times I write about items available to lessen the risks of everyday life or just make life easier. This page is a quick list of those items and links to where they can be purchased online.

Auto Emergency Kit

Items available at Amazon.

Ice scraper with a brush and a can of deicer
Windshield washer fluid and squeegee
Thermal blanket and/or sleeping bag
Storable food such as nuts or protein bars
and a rodent-proof container
Rechargeable and/or battery operated flashlights
Solar and/or hand-crank recharging devices
with a USB output port
Cell phone car chargers and extra cords

Jumper cables and/or Jump Starter and backup power supply
Tire inflator
Collapsible shovel and road salt
Chemically activated hand and toe warmers
Matches and fire extinguisher
Winter hats and gloves
Winter boots and socks
Water-tight, puncture-resistant, trash bags
(in case they’re needed for sanitation) and a box to put
A lidded plastic container big enough to hold most of this
stuff (and the plastic bags after use).

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Items for the home

An Appliance Slider makes moving heavy objects easier and reduces the chance of damaging the floor.
Control weeds in the garden by covering walking and unused areas with black plastic.
Cell Phone signal booster