Winter is Back (again)

And this time with a dose of black ice. Even a short drive can be hazardous. While making my way home last night I witnessed way too many accidents. Here’s a few tips to remember (and share) about driving on icy roads.

  • Leave enough room between you and other vehicles. Ice can cause your vehicle to lose traction quickly, so it’s important to slow down and increase your following distance to give yourself more time to react and stop; especially going downhill.
  • Avoid sudden moves. When driving on ice, sudden movements can cause your vehicle to lose control, so avoid sudden braking, accelerating, or turning.
  • Use low gear when driving downhill. It helps keep the car from picking up excessive speed. When going uphill, use low gear to help you maintain control and avoid slipping.
  • Remember too, that cruise control can cause your vehicle to accelerate, or brake, too quickly on icy roads, leading to loss of control.
  • Turn off the radio and listen so that you’re aware of the conditions and if your tires are spinning on the ice.
  • Watch the road closely and be aware of any icy patches, black ice, stopped vehicles or other hazards that may be present.
  • And please make sure that your tires have the recommended amount of tread for your area and the current conditions. If in doubt, don’t go out.
  • Keep and emergency kit in your car. See below for suggested items.

If you must be out in dangerous conditions, consider taking the steps below to prepare yourself with a portable kit containing the items below. For a full list of these items, with links to purchase them online, go to

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P.S. And remember, don’t crowd the plow! They’ve got a lot going on; in very bad conditions. Don’t ever assume they see your car, or you on foot.