Time to Open a Window

Now that the weather us turning a bit cooler, it’s time to consider turning off the climate controlled interiors, opening our windows, and enjoying some fresh air indoors.

Although summer-like temperatures can linger for a bit, Fall eventually brings gentle breezes, cooler days, and chilly nights. All perfect for shutting off the a/c and  working with nature to reduce our electric bill and maintain our homes comfort. And the benefits don’t stop at the bank account.  Here are some other advantages for opening your windows this Fall.

  • There are numerous health benefits to having fresh air in your home. Many of our homes still being uses for our offices and school room. Since your brain uses around 20% of your oxygen intake, it is very sensitive to the changes in the air’s oxygen content. Fresh air usually means better brain function.
  • Along with brain function the body creates higher levels of serotonin with increased oxygen, elevate mood.
  • Having the windows open also means more sunlight. And sunlight, too, helps elevate mood and helps in the body’s production of vitamin D.
  • And one of my favorite reasons… the smell of Autumn. I don’t know if it’s the leaves or something else, but I truly love the smell of Fall.

Later this week I’ll post on things you can do to prep your home for winter while your furnace and a/c are taking a rest.

For additional details about cooling your home naturally see https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/natural-ventilation.

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