The Year of Reclamation

Last year at this time I posted about New Year’s Re-solutions. This year I’m making a focus to reclaim those areas of my life which seemed to slipped in importance, or had to set idle, while other matters were tended.

Just about everyone has some aspect of their life to which they’d like to devote some time and attention; but they’ve put it off due to more pressing matters. It may be cleaning out an old closet, learning a new skill, focusing on health, organizing your household information, or returning to an old hobby. Whatever it is, you now want to reclaim time in your life to get it done.

Well you know were going to have to make a plan….with steps…for today. It’s kind of a thing here. So get a piece of paper, or create a file on your device, to keep these steps fresh in your memory.

  1. Divide you sheet into 3 columns.
  2. At the top of each column, write one of your reclamations and draw a line under it.
  3. Next, write the steps you’ll need to take to complete the project. Be as specific as you can. You may want to include steps such as researching solutions, making phone calls, arranging daycare, or whatever it’ll take to get the project completed. When finished you can put an order to them by assigning an number to each step.
  4. Under each heading, write down what you’ll need to accomplish the task. Will you need a carpenter, dumpster, working area, supplies, education, help from others, etc.? Draw a line under these items.
  5. Now you can prioritize your top 3 reclamation projects . Order them by which you need to complete first to last. Mark the order at the bottom of the column.
  6. Mark your yearly calendar with the completion dates for each step in the project. Write these dates next to the step on your sheet as well.
  7. Last, I highly recommend telling others of your intended project. By making a public exclamation of your reclamation (a Rexclamation if your will) you create an expectation within yourself, and others, to complete the project. If they’re willing, they can become your accountability partner; tasked with reminding you of your project steps and dates.

So let’s take your vision to 2020. (Sorry! I just had to…) and make it the year of reclamation.

So what are some of your Rexclamations?

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As always, thanks for reading.
And remember to take the next step…